Thursday, June 2, 2011

Morning Glory-SOLD

The inspiration for this painting started one morning I woke up dreading the day....I took our dog Ayla out to the front yard for her morning "bathroom" break.  While I was standing there I began to take it all in.  The morning sun was peaking through the clouds in the east with the most beautiful colors surrounding it.  I realized that I was so aware and conscious of all things important at that moment.  Grateful for my sight... for I was able to witness Gods beauty.  Grateful for the wind blowing through me, my sense of feeling in tact.  Also grateful to hear the birds chirping in the trees right in front of my door as if to say hello.... your day is beautiful if you would only be still and see it.  Most of all I was grateful for the gift of the day I was just beginning to receive.  Thank You Morning  Glory for reminding me of all I am blessed with every minute of every second of every day:)

Starting bid $20 not including shipping.  Please email me at Thank You :D

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