Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue Bird

Our home backs a green belt in Austin, so we always have lots of creatures in our yard. Bunnies and birds are our favorites. The kids love watching 3 or 4 bunnies hop around while they eat their breakfast. They also love watching the red birds sit on our fence.

I was remembering a sad story when we lived in Provo 5 years ago. We walked by magpie birds guarding a low nest every day. Weeks later the eggs hatched and the fluffy little babies would walk around on the the concrete and bridge to the apartment. One early morning we heard the momma birds making the worst sound. I ran out the door, and saw them squawking a horrible sound while pacing around. One of the babies had fallen off the bridge ten feet down and died. I remember going to class feeling bad for the momma all day.

I think we all mourn like that momma bird when we loose a loved one or friend.

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